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Going Remote

Going Remote The hectic nature of modern life has left many folks with a desire to return to the land and a fascination with remote living. Escaping to a little cabin in the woods to lead a more simple existence is a common fantasy. We have been lucky enough to experience it. Probably the most […]

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Preserving Greens

Preserving Greens for Winter Today is March 1st. The cusp of spring. The garden has been resting under a blanket of snow since October, but soon enough planting will begin. I’ve been doing a lot of daydreaming about the coming garden season, putting in those final seed orders, and taking inventory of the past year’s harvests. […]



Seasons at the homestead contrast sharply from one another. This is not due solely to the weather swings of -55 to 90 degrees from winter to summer, but because of the nature of work and activity that each season brings. Most different are the times spent alone in the winter contrasted with the flurry of […]


Well-Fed: Food on the Homestead

Well-Fed: Food on the Homestead Where does it come from? How is it stored? To us, self-sufficiency means providing most of our own food. In most cases, food sourced by your own hand is affordable, healthy, and more delicious. Once you have tasted fresh lettuce out of the garden or a perfectly ripe strawberry, any […]