Alaska Wilderness Riding

Come ride Icelandic Horses in the raw beauty of the Alaskan wilderness.  Enjoy one of the most remote and untraveled regions of the state on horseback!

Homestead Adventures

Stay on a remote working homestead for a unique getaway. Get a taste of the Alaskan Bush lifestyle firsthand and experience what off-grid, self-sufficient living is all about

 Apricity Alaska is a working wilderness homestead nestled among remote foothills in the Western Alaska Range.  It is a place where intrepid travelers can have a pioneering & thoroughly Alaskan experience. The homestead lies 150 miles from the nearest road and 70 miles from the nearest village. Come ride Icelandic horses under the gaze of unnamed mountain peaks, hike into the foothills or just relax on the farm.  View vast dream-like landscapes untouched by human activity and eat custom curated meals with local ingredients cooked over an open fire. Experience both the romance and reality of homesteading in the modern era, the peace of deep wilderness, and the thrill of being in the middle of nowhere on the Last Frontier.