Argiculture at Apricity

We aspire to provide much of our own food from the surrounding woods and from our gardens. With this goal in mind, we are steadily improving our growing capacity, experimenting with different crop varieties, and trying new growing methods. Like everything else at the homestead, food production takes imagination, adaptation, love, and a great deal of work.

We currently cultivate a 4000square foot plot and are continuously expanding.

Recent Harvest

Annual Edible Crops

Storage turnip (2 varieties)
Table turnip (3 varieties)
Carrot (5 varieties)
Onions (3 varieties)
Table beets (1 variety)
Kale (3 varieties)
Shelling pea
Sugar Snap pea
Purple pea
Cabbage (4 varieties)
Pickling cucumber
Eating cucumber
Radish (4 varieties
Kohl Rabbi (3 varieties)
​Spaghetti Squash
Summer Squash
Hokkaido Winter Squash
Daikon Radish
Sweet Peppers (2 Varieties)
Ground Cherry
Tomatillo (3 varieties)
Tomato (4 varieties)
Garlic (3 varieties)
Potatoes (4 varieties)
Lettuce (3 varieties)

Grains, Fodder Crops & Green Manure

Fodder beet (4 varieties)
Sugar Beet
Purple winter rye
Siberian Comfrey
Purple Barley
Hull-less oats
Purple Vetch
Partridge Pea


Saffron Crocus