Water System, Final Harvests, Friends


September 2018

September was a unique month for us at the homestead… and away from the homestead.

Homestead garden, Early September. Photo Credit: Margaret Stern

During the beginning of the month, Morgan laid insulated pipe for our gray water system. We are increasingly closer to running water at the homestead! The pieces are all coming together.

Pipe exiting the house. C’mon water system! Photo Credit: Morgan Beasley

During the month, our dear friend Caity came out to caretake for us so that we could attend weddings of a few friends in the lower 48. This was our first trip away from the homestead together since we first moved here 5 years ago!

Morgan Blending in at Yosemite National Park Photo credit: Margaret Stern

We were so grateful for the opportunity to go camping in California, witness the beauty of the Yosemite Valley, eat LOTS of fresh fruit, and enjoy time with friends.

Yosemite. T-shirt weather and sunburns. What a treat! Photo Credit: Margaret Stern

While we were away, Caity kindly finished the garden harvest and loved on our animals. Caity has spent part of the summer at the homestead for the past three years between her commercial guiding jobs. She knows our animals better than anyone else. We are so lucky to have her support and friendship.

Caity and a Purple-Top Turnip. Photo Credit: Caity Potter

In late September, Caity left and more friends, Chris, Morgan R., and their daughter Ursula, came out to the homestead. Ursula adores “neigh-neighs,” and was excited to spend time with horses. They helped us finish up a few nagging projects around the homestead. Thank you friends!

Friends Chris and Wild-child Ursula with Svanur. Ursula fell in love with the horses! Photo Credit: Ursula’s Mom, Morgan Ross.

I think that there is the misconception that living remotely, we are very isolated. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are so lucky to get to share this place that we have created with guests, friends, family, volunteers, and interns. This summer we got to share the homestead with about 30 people. We couldn’t build this special place without the love, support, and unique community that the homestead has created.

Mt. Hesperus from the air. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Selktas

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Happy Fall

Margaret, Morgan (and the homestead critters).