New Icelandic Additions

It’s been a while since anything has been posted up on the blog. As with everyone, it has been a very different year for us. We are just now getting back into the swing of things, so expect many more updates on the horizon. For now, I’ll leave you with some cute photos of the baby Icelandic horses that joined the herd this summer.

Felagi: Means “Buddy”

Lutjia and Svanur’s colt, born May 25, 2020

Felagi is the first foal born at the homestead. We glassed a new figure from the deck of the homestead with the horses up in the high grazing meadows. Ketra (a farm volunteer) and I (Margaret), headed up to see if there was a new addition! Low and behold, this mighty mountain colt was teetering around the mountains with the rest of the herd. Here are a few shots of him– expect many more!

Icelandic Colt

Felagi and Morgan in the yard

Felagi and Lutjia in the yard

Felagi at Three Months

Helga: Meaning “Strong”

Frilla and Vinur’s Filly, Born July 25, 2020

Helga ran down from the high grazing meadows to the homestead the day after she was born. That day, she went straight for the salt block just like her mother. She also kicked Morgan and the dogs when they came close. After realizing folks aren’t so scary, she gets her fill of ear scratches while around the homestead.

Helga and Frilla at the salt block, Day 1

Helga with the rest of the herd

Helga in the mountains at 3 weeks.

The horses are growing quickly and summer rapidly fading away. We saw our first stars in months this week– a sure sign that the summer is coming to a close.



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