This place is awesome. Mountains, rivers, and silence. Morgan and Margaret are great hosts and great cooks. Grant

Margaret and Morgan are a pleasure to spend time with. Their homestead is fantastic. I ate well, learnt a lot and left with all sorts of new experiences. If you’re halfway considering this place: don’t hesitate, go for it. David

Margaret and Morgan were excited to teach me new skills and are more than willing to cater to what you are interested in. The landscape is pretty hard to beat. The food was wonderful. Katie

If you love wilderness, wildlife, nature and if you dream to live in a cabin in the wild you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to spend some time with Morgan and Margaret. They are incredible outdoor people. Andrea

I cannot imagine an environment that could rival the area surrounding their home and wish that I had much longer to spend exploring there! This was an amazingly remote place. I always felt safe and cared for in their company. From the moment we met I was so welcomed and felt at home. Caity