The flight and being at the homestead were incredible once in a lifetime experiences.  Jules

Apricity Alaska is a great place to visit. You get to fly in on a super fun bush plane and you have a big tent to stay in… Morgan is a great host and have a lot of fun, interesting things to share, and it was fun playing music together. I would definitely want to come back here! Good place to learn the homestead life! Jens

Apricity Alaska was an absolutely incredible and life-changing adventure. This was a true learning experience for me; Morgan has so much knowledge to share! Sophie

This experience, from arriving by bush plane and being surrounded by vast wilderness, to learning to be comfortable with a slower, simpler way of doing things, was amazing. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to experience Alaska! Brooke

It was a wonderful experience at Apricity! Morgan is super nice and helps you with every question and everything you need! I totally recommend staying at his homestead! Lina

It is so beautiful, the light is amazing- and so is Feila. Kelly

This place is awesome. Mountains, rivers, and silence. Morgan is a great host and great cook. Grant

Margaret and Morgan are a pleasure to spend time with. Their homestead is fantastic. I ate well, learnt a lot and left with all sorts of new experiences. If you’re halfway considering this place: don’t hesitate, go for it. David

 Morgan was excited to teach me new skills and more than willing to cater to what you are interested in. The landscape is pretty hard to beat. The food was wonderful. Katie

If you love wilderness, wildlife, nature and if you dream to live in a cabin in the wild you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to spend some time with Morgan. He is incredible. Andrea